WARNING Nvidia driver 419.17 makes JUCE based application crash at quit!

this is just a warning that if suddenly you get reports that your users have crashes when closing your app, you may want to ask them if they have updated their Nvidia driver to the 419.17. ( exception happens in nvoglv64.dll )
All my applications suddenly crash on quit since I updated the driver, without having modified the app whatsoever.
Other JUCE based applications like Resolume crash as well.

Nvidia may not care much about a single developer, but if the JUCE community is giving them some feedback, they may take care of it, I guess.

Anyway, hope that will help some people.


yep, it is real, every Juce based openGL plugin was crashing with that driver. Does that happen with the new 419.35 also?

My users reported crashes with the newest driver as of today

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Does anyone know if this affects plugins that use the OpenGLContext?


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Yes I think this is about openGL. but not sure if it’s a general NVidia driver bug or they just made some changes that crashes some nonstandard JUCE openGL handling…

Do we have some insight from JUCE team ? All the new drivers keep crashing apps, which obviously is not very good for user experiences, and I doubt that nVidia is gonna fix that, it may as well be an update of their mechanisms rather than a bug introduced.
Also, the thread from Topaz seems to deal with the exact same problem and to be more active than this one, so we’d better keep an eye on it : http://discuss.topazlabs.com/t/warning-update-with-care-nvidia-drivers-to-version-419-17-419-35/9680/68

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Also I just tested the 419.67 game ready drivers and it seems to fix the problem… can you confirm ?

not for me… just made a test with a freshly created clear OpenGL Application (by Projucer) and it crashes exactly the same way (recorded a video too):

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It seems NVidia changed something again so their new driver is not crashing now…

This seem kinda endless…
Though 430.64 (Game Ready) on a fresh install seem to work quite well