Latest NVidia driver (419.17) is crashing openGL plugins

I was trying to figure out what happened with my plugin since yesterday and it turned out the latest NVidia driver (419.17 - WHQL) does something that crashes JUCE plugins on closing the Editor. It’s not just my plugin, but I tried other commercially available plugins that I know was made with JUCE, and all them was crashing when closing their window (Ableton Live 9 & 10 x64).

Solution: I rolled back to 418.91 and everything works perfectly on my GTX660.

Not sure if it’s JUCE related crash only or NVidia’s mistake tho.

Is it happening to any of you out there?

Haven’t seen it myself, but having an Nvidia GPU has its advantages. It sounds like you could be on Windows so there’s a tool out there for you to help dig into the issue:

Debugging anything GPU related is a total pain in the ass, but this tool helps a bunch.


Yeah I know about it, though I don’t have time right now to debug the issue… As it’s crashing every Juce/OpenGL plugin that I have (not only plugins by me), probably it’s an NVidia or JUCE issue (especially as the driver rollback made the crash diappear).

From my experience, it’s not a driver issue…

I can confirm that all my applications are crashing as well since latest driver update, without any change to any code. It also crashes on my users computers, and other softwares like Resolume are crashing as well.
I don’t know if topazlabs are using JUCE but they advertise NOT to use the latest drivers as well :


Just had a user report this as well…anyone have any more info on why it may be happening?

I didn’t try it since then, I just kept the old driver… did the newer drivers correct this bug, or it’s happening in those too? As I see the newest came out today: 419.67

FYI, I’m using 419.17 Standard with a Quadro P400 and I’m not experiencing any crashes.

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Can I ask if you are on Win or OSX? The plugins’ work nice on my end until I close their window… that’s triggering the crash.

Maybe a silly question, but is everyone calling detach() on the context in the editor’s destructor? I had a crash on Mac upon closing until I added that.

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Thanks for the tip, but I’m calling it.

Silly question - are you guys getting logs from users? JUCE provides this macro, JUCE_CHECK_OPENGL_ERROR, which should help you narrow down what’s happening.

I don’t think it’s available in Release; if that’s the case, you can totally hack JUCE to enable that, and provide a custom build to those users that are suffering.

@FineCutBodies that driver and card information was related to my Windows machine.

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I had a few hours to test it a bit and even with the latest NVidia Driver it crashes (so every driver including and after 419.17 crashes JUCE)… And it’s not a plugin issue, it even crashes a fresh unaltered OpenGL Application that you create with Projucer. Here is a little video at the deepest point in JUCE I could follow the code before it crashes:

Would be great if somebody from JUCE could look into this as it seems it’s happening on a lot of NVidia cards with the latest NVidia drivers (actually I tried it on 4 different computers with different NVidia cards and all of them crashed) Any chance @t0m you could look on this?

Yep, we’ll look into it. We’ve ordered a new computer to investigate this properly, but for really boring reasons we’ve had to wait a month for it to arrive.


Thank you Tom, looking forward to hear what you will find!

I’ve got a GTX 970 and just updated to NVidia’s newest driver (425.31).
My OpenGL app does not crash after closing in standalone or as a VST plugin.

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I can confirm it! I just tested and the new driver (425.31) is not crashing. But anything between mid Feb to mid April is crashing. It’s interesting what NVidia did changed for this to happen. So it’s a good thing it’s not crashing now, but we can just hope they won’t bring this crash back with the next drivers.