WaveAudioFormat: breaking changes in List (riff) Info Chunk changes since Oct 5th 2015 (310c657)

I use List Info Chunk (old archival purpose chunk format) in my code to tag my Wav files with usual Artist/Title/album name/track number etc… ) and I realize some info are no longer written in the current code.
In the initial List Info chunk implementation, which followed FADGI recommendations (http://bwfmetaedit.sourceforge.net/listinfo.html ) a small set of fields was supported, and I now see that the set is huge, which somehow is great, but some fields have been removed, and some have been changed… which causes compatibility issues
what changed:

  • the standard “IPRD” (for product or album name) disappeared and it was the only way to specify album name
  • the standard “ICMT” (for comment) disappeared and likely has been replaced by “CMNT” and “COMM” …
  • the unofficial “IPRT” to identify the track number disappeared, and replaced by “TRCK”

I have no problem changing my code to use the new identifier for Track number, but could it be possible to support the 2 first ones again? I mean they are original official fields from the first List Info Chunk spec of 1991…
Maybe we could agree that the reference list is the one here:

Hi again
I added a pull request ( #226) to the JUCE master on github to address that.


Thank you. This is now on develop with commit 74fcce8.

Thank you Fabian!