WebBrowserComponent and hyperlink to external


I want to display HTML content into a WebBrowserComponent (actually, a “did you know” window shown at application startup).

The HTML content can expose hyperlink aimed to be open in external web browser. So I use HTML tag with target="_blank" attribute.

It’s working under Windows, but not under MacOSX. Clicking on the link do nothing where Windows open default web browser…

What can I do? any idea?

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You’re totally at the whim of the OS’s browser there, I’m afraid. It might be a security thing that’s stopping it opening a new window.

Although, you could try intercepting the click in the WebBrowserComponent, and launching the URL in your own code.

Ok, I was just thinking on something like that…

I’ll try right now what you suggest, thanks.

Ok its working :slight_smile:

[code] class MyWebBrowser : public WebBrowserComponent

	MyWebBrowser() : WebBrowserComponent(false) {}
	bool pageAboutToLoad(const String& newUrl)
		if (!newUrl.startsWith("file://"))
			return false;
		return true;
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