WebBrowserComponent placed over everything! Even the JUCE Splash Screen

I found an issue here…
I made a basic layout with a sidebar, header, and footer and a webBrowserComponent in the center of it.

The problem is that i haven’t found a way to put anything overlaying the webBrowserComponent … (Not even the JUCE splash screen itself overlays it).

I’m new at c++ so if anyone can guide me though this that would be AWESOME!

Here is a screen shot. Tell me if you need any code :slight_smile:


Sorry, the web browser’s a native GUI component so it doesn’t mix well with JUCE’s internal components.

Thanks for the reply!

Do you know if anyone was able to get this working somehow? Or if there is an alternative way to get an HTML page into the plugin without a WebBrowserComponent…

Thanks for the GREAT framework btw! Im a huge fan :slight_smile:



It’s not something you can really work around on Windows, because of the nature of HWNDs. On OSX you could work around by creating another semi-transparent native view and overlaying it.

I see…
I’m going try a little more today to find a way to hack this…

Thanks anyways!
Keep up the good work :thumbsup: