What are some well-known musicians that have created their own music performance software tools?

Hi all

I am looking to find out about musicians that have used JUCE (and other platforms) to create their own music tools. Anything related to the performance in the broadest sense would be great to find out about! I’m looking mainly at software and apps at the moment (rather than hardware, though hardware could form a part of this)


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Hi TurboQuack,

I believe I may fit this description. I’ve worked with Output for four years and have worked on every JUCE-based application Output has released. I’ve played music in California and across the US under my musical moniker, “synchronometry,” for nearly the past decade. I use all of the applications I’ve worked on in my music production process, however I do not use them as part of my music performance process (stylistic choice, for the time being).

There’s a few others on the JUCE forums too, whom I believe fit this description – another being my good friend @Jake_Penn whom plays music under the moniker, “Mumukshu.”

Hope this helps.


I believe that Autechre have done a lot of work in Max MSP, but I don’t really know a lot about them. Google and you’ll probably find out.

I’d also like to mention my friend Onxy Ashanti. What’s most striking about his work is the hardware, but he’s also written all his own sofware in PD.

Tim Exile comes to mind

Holly Herndon’s new record uses systems that she developed for her doctorate at CCRMA.

Working on JUCE based products for Acustica Audio and using the same products for my music production =:)


This is the song i like (mix&master by yours truly) :slight_smile:


Depends what you call “well-known”; within PsyTrance scene I possibly qualify having released a load of music under Psymmetrix, Asimilon, Big Scary Monsters and A.R.T. Conspiracy monikers.

I’ve started releasing JUCE based plugins now (which I also use extensively in my productions), and have made very small headway on a performance tool, as I find all the existing software a pain in the arse to use the way I want to perform “live”. Hopefully over the winter I’ll find a bit more time between work/family/music to get it functional, but it’s a scary prospect to use brand new software on stage! I guess I’ll be doing a lot of studio test performances before plucking up the courage to use it in anger. :joy:

Thanks all! I was not aware of all of this, so it’ll be great to check out. Appreciate all the replies! Currently writing a book about electronic music performance, so will be looking to include what I can.

Please don’t forget Robert Henke / Gehard Behles (aka Monolake) who created something in the early 2000s which is now called Ableton Live… :slight_smile:

And just to add my 2 cents: I created a modular live-sequencer called Senode in order to make it the main component of my drum-based liveset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LkpnZvpqAs – it’s done entirely in JUCE and lives now in the iOS store.

Nice one, we played a couple of times together in Berlin and Cluj, Onyx is one of a kind!

Edit: and of course Imogen Heap with the MIMU Gloves.


Here are more ideas, not Juce based, but could help you:
Probably Ryoji Ikeda
Diemo Shwarz
Leafcutter John
Probably MoHa!
Probably Richard Devine

Another that is not JUCE based (afaict and not strictly himself writing the software) is Beardyman; he teamed up with DMGAudio to develop his Beardytron 5000 live performance looping software.

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Jordan Rudess made Geoshred. Not she he coded it himself but he was the driving force behind the development. http://www.wizdommusic.com/products/geoshred.html

Thanks all, really appreciate the detailed responses.