What Info does producer collect?

Hi, I have some very protected (IP) code. And I need to know what is actually sent over to you guys, becuase I definitely need to confirm that no source code is collected.

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The usage data is available in the Projucer’s source code, linked in that post:

But it might be fair to ask for updates. As far as I understand it is usage statistics to keep Roli’s company value up and up-to-date.
It would surprise me very much to learn, that they actually look into our source code though…

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That’s interesting, thanks.
So the developer and the end user get ‘phoned home’ if they are using Juce? But only if the user clicks the splash screen. So what happens if the user is has no internet on the studio computer (not as rare as you might think)?

So what happens if the user is has no internet on the studio computer

If you compile in debug mode there’s an error message printed to the console. Afaik there’s no software-breaking behavior when compiling for release.

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Remember that this is only true if you are on the free tier of JUCE. GPL and paid for licenses don’t phone home - you can simply disable it in the Projucer.

In your case, where you have “very protected (IP) code”, you are not allowed to use the GPL license.

Also, we are very open about this - this was all discussed at great lengths in other forum posts.

See this post from Jules:

and this post by yfede: