What is the exact status of the linux port?

Hi all,

I have just downloaded and had a play with juce, jucedemo and something I knocked up by copying and pasting.

It seems as though some things are not working properly or maybe have not been implemented:

  1. The FileChooser refuses to show itself both in the demo and my appn.
  2. The audio does not work in the demo application.
  3. In my appn I call AudioIODevice::getDeviceNames() which returns an empty StringArray.

What exactly are the pre-requisites i.e. jack, alsa or portaudio?
What is the exact status of the linux port (implemented, tested)?
What is the timeline and what are the task details?



Yeah, there’s a few things not done in the linux port yet - audio and file choosers are amongst them.

(actually, I think those might be the only major things still missing from the linux port… sorry if they happen to be the exact things you need!)

Haven’t got a timeline for doing them, I just fit things in when I get the time to do it, but they’ll happen eventually.

After about 100 years of Windows programming I just picked up a job that’s allowing me to experience Linux. To come up to speed I’m playing with it at home and what better to play with but Juce! I’m seeing the same things mentioned above plus some small stuff related to my environment: 64-bit SuSE 9.3. But overall Juce is rocking along!! Here’s what I did to get it going:

  • Commented out lines 82-103 in juce_linux_SystemStats.cpp

  • Commented out line 98 in juce_PlatformDefs.h
    (these were to eliminate asm code that made the assembler whine)

  • and, probably most interesting, made the following modification around line 1256 in juce_String.cpp to avoid an “invalid assignment” compiler error.

[code]void String::vprintf (const tchar* const pf, va_list args) throw()
tchar stackBuf [256];
unsigned int bufSize = 256;
tchar* buf = stackBuf;


for (;;)
va_list list;

__va_copy (list, args);

    list = args;

Hope this helps you in some small way Jules. If you need more info I’d be glad to try and get you whatever you need. Mostly I want to say a big THANK YOU for Juce!!


Thanks Steve!

I’ll add the va_copy stuff, which I’d never heard of before.

For the asm problems, it’d be good if I could get the preprocessor to decide whether to include it or not. Got any clues about what it is on your system that’s making it complain? What version of gcc are you running?

Hi Jules,

No need to reply to this, just wanted to let you know I’m working on it but it’s a slow go due to my limits (time, knowledge, and smarts :slight_smile: ).

My gcc compiler reports itself as 3.3.5.