What is the penality of analytics in plug-ins built with JUCE?

Running a complex reaper project with several free plugins built with juce from different 3rd parties, whist debugging something i am working on i noticed several GoogleAnalyticsThreads running. This is not really something i want when i am already hitting the limits of processing, now i don’t want to have those plugins on my machine any more.

I haven’t looked into the analytics stuff yet, but can someone fill me in in what is going on (could it be whatever the dev wants?). Is the penalty minimal, and is it still minimal if I have 20 different plugins all doing it?


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I think the analytics module is a nice addition by the way, i just think it should be banned for plugins :slightly_smiling_face:

I might be wrong, but the Analytics is a singleton, so no matter how many plugins you put into your session, there is only one analytics object loaded.

(with current host implementations at least, it might be different with AUv3 or other hosts, when they start to give plugins their own processes).

I share your concern, it should be used with caution in plugins, but to justify some giveaway plugins, analytics sound like a fair deal to me…

Contact the third party developers and complain to them.

Worth mentioning that the free tier license for JUCE requires us to let ROLI collect data on end users, if those third parties don’t have an Indie or Pro license then there’s nothing they can do about it. Except pay for a license.

They can also release their plugins under GPLv3. Open source FTW!


I think, there are two different conversations, one being how the developer monetises their plugins, and the other how Roli monetises the personal license.

With the personal license, the developer becomes the product paying with their data…

If somebody were to say, you cannot deliver serious products with the personal license, there is an upgrade path for that.

And obviously the third option, contribute to the community as GPL…

I found the culprit plug-ins, and in fact it wasn’t one of the nice open source gpl JUCE plug-ins I was using at the time, but some nice freebies from a rather large company. If something is free…

So plug-ins release with JUCE under the GPL do not have to send analytics back to roli? just commercial plug-ins built using the personal licence? Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere

Right, but to enable that, you have to build Projucer yourself and enable the GPL mode. Otherwise you won’t be able to turn off the splash screen and analytics sending in Projucer. (You could of course also manually edit the AppConfig.h file of your project but who wants to do that…)