What is the smallest VST host for OSX

Hi people,

Leaving apart ‘Juce Plug-In Host’, what is the smallest VST host app in OSX so that it would be handy and convenient to debug in XCode that you know?

I think Plogue Bidule is great for this purpose, even though there might be even smaller hosts out there.

Not VST, but AULab is the quickest DAW to boot IMO.
An SSD drive also speed things up.


VSTLord is nice for that purpose, although it’s 32-bit only

Thank you. I’ll take an eye. It sounds well!

For 64 bit you have VSKKit done by the same guy than VSTLord.

[edit] oups this is only for VST3.

Thanks ke20!


I sometimes use Renoise for this. It’s not as small as some of the mini-hosts but it boots quickly and has enough features to test a VST pretty extensively.

Thank you Kuniklo!