Where is the project of juce.lib

Hi, I am try to compile obs-asio. As the compilation instructions, I should compile juce.lib firstly.

I clone JUCE and open the solution. However there is no project of juce.lib.
In the document of Projucer, I don’t find any tips.

Can you give me any idea ?
Many thanks~

I think the WindowsDLL_StaticLibrary is just the project I was finding.

However, after modify JUCE_AISO with “1” and set the path of ASIO-SDK, I meet a compile error with VS2022:

Ambiguous access of delete

add macro for class ParameterComponent can help fix C2385:

class ParameterComponent : public Component,
                           public ParameterListener
    using ParameterListener::ParameterListener;

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