Where to put AAX page table file?

I’ve included this line in my AppConfig.h file to copy my AAX page tables file into my AAX plug-in, but it’s not going there. I suspect (but don’t know for sure) that it’s not finding the file. So, where do I put the file?

#define JucePlugin_AAXPageTableFile “MyPlugin.xml”

Can I specify the path? If so, relative to what?

You’ll have to include the PageTable file as a resource of your plugin. Open your .jucer project, right click in Source to “Add existing files…”, then click on the Source folder and select the “Xcode Resource” checkbox for the PageTable file


Ah, that’s the trick. I hadn’t checked that box. (By default, the Binary Resource checkbox is checked.) Thanks! :sunglasses:

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Just a note for anyone reading this, it really only does apply to Xcode… somehow I mistook that :wink:

To get the PageTables on Windows you will need to have a post build script (or make this part of your build system) that copies the PageTable file into *.aaxplugin/Contents/Resources/


Does the xml file need to have a certain name? I added the #define JucePlugin_AAXPageTableFile “MyPlugin.xml” in JucePluginDefines.h and after adding the Plugin to ProTools, the pagetables do not appear in the menu. I added the .xml as a resource and after build, it is part of the plugin bundle. It seems that the plugin doesn’t read the pagetable though. What could be the reason?