How to include the AAX page tables xml file on WIndows?

For the AAX page table file, on the Mac, we include it as an Xcode Resource. But how do we get Visual Studio to include that file in the Contents/Resources folder?

Don’t forget my previous post, you’ll have to do it manually :wink:

That’s what I though, but my reply surprised coworkers, and they wanted me to double-check. Thanks!

Yeah, it’d be great if there was a “VS Resource” or something similar in Projucer as well!

I’ll make a Feature Request.

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One concern though.
Even though VST3 and AAX utilize folder structure, Windows don’t have the folder as bundle concept so it’s not really comparable just as the term Frameworks on macOS.

Also, for AAX, copying data to the AAX folder won’t temper signature so it can happen after build and sign…

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