Why maxNumAudioSampleBufferChannels is set to 32?

Hi Jules,
I saw that you set the maxNumAudioSampleBufferChannels to 32.
It is an issue for me because I want to have 34 outputs in my plugin.
I know it is not common but I want to have 1 master stereo out and 16 aux stereo outputs.
For the moment it is impossible for me because of this limitation.

So my question is:
Is there any reason that force you to set this number to 32?
And the following one:
Do you think I can increase this number to create the setup I want?

Thank in advance

oups I just saw this post which refer to the same issue


So I think I will set maxNumAudioSampleBufferChannels to 64.

I can’t find the limit that you’re talking about… Presumably this is something that I fixed long ago, and you’ve using a very old juce version?