Wierd keypress behaviour blocks full VST functionality in Reaper?

Is this a reaper issue? When I press any keyboard key for example ‘r’ or ‘s’, my plugin stops to update the frontend… looking closer reveals, that even computations on the message thread are stopped while any key is pressed. Could the message thread be busy with the keyboard input somehow?

When I press any key, while clicking inside my plugin with the mouse, everything works without interruption.

This behaviour does not happen in Ableton or running as Standalone?

Anyone an idea? Thanks!

okay, this is related to reaper! Pressing any arbitrary keyboard key in a vst in reaper blocks something very deep in reaper. Reaper’s timeline also stops playing! (Tested in reaper v.6.27 and v.6.66 on Windowsx64)

Has anyone an idea how to deal with this? On some of my components, things don’t block, when I press an arbitrary key. I guess it is related to wether a component is brought to front or has keyboard focus or …? What is the proper way to do it? I used setWantsKeyboardFocus(true); and grabKeyboardFocus(); on mouseEnter… but this does not seem to help.

In my interaction concept, a user moves with the mouse over a component and presses a certain key like ‘r’ or ‘s’ + scrolls to adjust parameters.

How’s your keyboard / plugin settings on REAPER?

IIRC transport play/stop with space bar is not available by default when any (plugin / fx chain) window in focus, unless you set the scope of the space bar keyboard shortcut to global in Action list.

Any other keyboard command would be sent to REAPER main window or FX chain window by default, unless you set the particular plugin “Send all keyboard to plugin” checked.

Note that floating plugin window and FX chain window (with current plugin in chain selected / in focus) are different context.

thanks for your ideas

i found the option “send all keyboard to plugin” but toggeling it does not seem to change the described behaviour. switching to floating does not influence the behaviour too.