Window Management

Hi all,

I’m wondering knows of or has some examples of “window management” classes for JUCE.

By “window management” I’m referring to things like tiling, docking, scaling, etc. sub windows or panels within (or without) a “container” window. I guess Visual Studio 2008 is a good example (though personally I find their impl a bit kludgey, and probably overkill for my needs)… perhaps the way you can organize doc windows in Word or image windows in PS CS4 is a better example… since, for my purposes, each sub-window would just be another instance of a component dedicated to a particular type of document / data type / etc. Sorry if I’m rambling, I’m sure you guys had me at “window management”, I just don’t know the right terms for this stuff.

Anyway, I’m familiar enough with JUCE arch. to know that this kind of thing is pretty straightforward task with component building blocks, if maybe a bit time consuming though, so if there are already wheels in motion out there, I’d prefer to hitch a ride… or at least get some ideas before inventing my own.

TIA :slight_smile:

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