Windows 8.1 double scaling

It seems that with windows 8.1. (after update from windows 8.0) all applications which doesn't scale GUI, will be automatically up-scaled? (Looks very bad imho.. with 125% which is the automatic setting on my monitor)

Can it be, the juce-Apps will now double upscaled (the good way internally, and the bad way windows does)

There must be a flag that windows recognizes that an application support the current dpi resolution.

Maybe this is a helpful information?



JUCE has done all that high-DPI stuff for a long time already.

What you're probably seeing in 8.1 is the stupid way that they've started rescaling windows when you have multiple screens of different DPIs, to get the sizes correct. This happens to all apps AFAICT - on my Surface, everything on my external monitor is blurred. Nothing to do with juce, and I don't think there's anything that could be done to change it, except turning off that mode.

no!  (yes i now that juce supports the high DPI Stuff, but its a new issue with windws 8.1!!!)

It just that Windows 8.1 doesn't not recognize that app handle scaling (and provide an extra one, to make old software usable on high dpi screens),

there are other applications like firefox, which are scaled but 100% crystal clear! 

Have you looked at the article?


stop, juce demo looks ok!

maybe you are right, i have to investigate.........

you are right, i was wrong

oh, I see - they've added some new API crap to deal with multi-monitor stuff. Sigh.. Too many things to do right now, but thanks for the heads-up.

>>>nd I don't think there's anything that could be done to change it, except turning off that mode.

Did you see, that Windows 8.1. has also the DPI Awarness "Per Monitor Aware", this is new



Is it possible you forgot about font..withPointHeight( ) when handling the scaling. 

Graphics seem fine but the font sizes are incorrect when created with withPointHeight( ).

It is entirely possible, as I don't use point sizes anywhere myself, so it's not something that'll ever get tested much. Will have a look when I address this.

Thank you and while you are there can you compare the windows withPointSize to the Mac. I believe the mac font sizes are still too small in normal scaled mode. I have not been on the mac for a while but I'll be on it within two days and I'll also check it.

Test it by drawing some horizontal lines a set number of pixels apart and place a character's baseline on the botom line. The windows withPointSize is working fine.

Any news on the .withPointHeight() size issue?

Fonts with .withPointHeight() too thin...

Huh? Too thin? I think you're misunderstanding something. The point size is just converted to a height when creating the font, it makes no difference whatsoever to rendering.

Ok, now I think I've pinpointed something :)

I pulled Juce tip and used the Windows font Segoe UI, which contains lots of styles (Light, Regular, Bold, ...).

When I'm using Font(20), the font I get uses the Regular style, but when I use Font().withPointHeight(20) or Font().withHeight(20), I get the Light style.

Anything I'm missing here?