Windows 8.1 -> Windows 10 scaling broken?

I looks like in Windows 8.1 if you choose 125% as setting (in Windows Display Configuration), the JUCE-app renders correct with a 1,25 scaling factor.

On Windows 10, i looks like it renders with 1,0 scaling factor, and upsamples to 125%, which results in very blurry and ugly font rendering.

I think the behavior should be the same as in 8.1. :frowning:

(I was under the impression that the scaling mechanism not changed from 8 to 10, but i was wrong)

Yes this is a known bug. We don’t correctly support windows 10 scaling at the moment. This is on our immediate road map in should be fixed in the next couple of weeks.

Hi fabian, is it currently supported with JUCE 5?

Yes this is supported with JUCE 5