Windows console app for batch conversion of MIDI to MP3 using VST instruments

I am looking for a developer with JUCE and Windows experience.

My website,, which is currently under development creates music using algorithms. The music output is in MIDI format. I need to convert the MIDI to audio (MP3 or WAV). There are utilities that exist to convert MIDI to audio, but unfortunately they use soundfonts, which sound very poor compared to VST instruments.

I would like to hire a developer that can use VST instruments in the MIDI to audio conversion process.

As my website involves algorithmically-generated music in a hands-off mode of operation, a GUI solution with VST instruments that make use of a DAW like Cubase is unsuitable. What I need developed is a Windows console application that can be executed from the command line in a batch mode.

Details such as, for example, which VST instrument would be associated with each music track in the MIDI file would be communicated through a configuration file. The configuration file would be an ASCII file that is both human and machine readable, and could be easily created by a scripting language.

The console application will act essentially as a communication broker between A and B, where:
A=command-line batch invocation that communicates details via a configuration file.
B=back-end is the VST instrument library.

There are many well-known VST libraries such as East West, Steinberg Halion, and Native Instruments Komplete, and Metropolitan Ark. However, I would like to start the project using one of the free VST libraries. Some examples being the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, Versilian Studios, and the Total Composure Orchestra.

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I have done similar work and am interested. Please PM me for details, thanks.