Windows CPU Profiler


Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you guys use any CPU profiler on Windows.
I have used Very Sleepy and CodeXL but nothing really compares to Xcode Instrument.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks !


What about the Visual Studio profiler?


I while ago i used the AMD profiler. It’s free and easy to use:


Visual Studio profiler returns with 0 total samples collected. Probably a bug.
Code Analyst has been deprecated in favor of Code XL, no ? (last version is from 2012 and hence do not support VS0215)

Maybe once I ll be able to move to VS2017, the profiler will be better in this version.

Thanks !


Not sure if Code XL works too. But i prefer to avoid any VS integration for tools like this. I attached to the process when i remember right…


VS2017 fixed the "0 total samples collected"
I can now check it out :slight_smile: