Windows Cubase SX 3 support

A user reported that the vst effect does not show up in the plugin list on cubase SX 3 on XP. The plugin works in other hosts on the same machine. I know that SX 3 is really old, but i think it has VST 2.4 support. Does someone know why it does not work? I think it’s JUCE related, but i’m not sure…

Did you build your plug-in with a static runtime?

Hi Fabian

Thanks for the reply. Yes, we build all our products with a static runtime. And it seems that the plugins work in other hosts on the same system. But we also got similar feedback from cubase SX2 users. Not sure what the problem is, we don’t have a cubase SX to test it. I had one installed 10 years back or so… :slight_smile: