"windows.h" and "crtdbg.h" file not found error

When I open an example project and I compile it, it mainly shows me these two errors. And then there are a lot of warning messages like spaces etc. (by the way I use the compiler of juce, using Projucer and not exporting the file in visual studio etc just to see if works.) How to solve it?

Have you installed the Window 10 SDK through the Visual Studio installer?

I forget if a specific version is required but I’d assume the most recent version would always work.

Ok thanks a lot. On projucer it still shows these errors while on visual studio it work correctly. The only thing I would like to know about visual studio is why it gives me a breakpoint when I debug the gainplugin example file… (on line 363). Please if it happen to you also tell me what’s wrong (I’ve not edited the original file)

Oh, the live build engine in the Projucer doesn’t work on Windows!

Ok that’s a good news. Do you get the same breakpoint as me?

In which file is the breakpoint triggering? You mentioned like 363 but GainPluginDemo.h only has 123 lines!

All the demos works fine for me. JUCE often puts comments above common assertions to explain why it may have been triggered.

When I debug the file “GainPluginDemo” in Visual Studio it shows me a breakpoint in line 363 of juce_AudioProcessor.cpp in which there is written this… jassert (success && newNumIns == getTotalNumInputChannels() && newNumOuts == getTotalNumOutputChannels());