Missing corecrt.h and windows.h files (VS 2017)



I did a fresh install of Visual Studio Community 2017 today so that I could start using JUCE. I’m currently receiving the messages “‘corecrt.h’ file not found” and “‘windows.h’ file not found”

I’m not entirely sure why, but my best guess is that something was not included in the workload packages that I selected. I am looking at practicing making an audio plugin, and was wondering if somebody could help get me up and running?
Thanks in advance.


I guess you selected the Desktop development with C++ workload. This includes the Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17134.0) component.

In Projucer, the Windows Target Platform setting (located in the Visual Studio 2017 exporter settings) is set to 10.0.16299.0 by default.

Now you have 2 solutions:

  • either launch Visual Studio Installer and modify your installation by adding the Windows 10 SDK (10.0.16299.0) for Desktop C++ [x86 and x64] component
  • or change the Windows Target Platform of your project to 10.0.17134.0


There is an unofficial trick to set the platform SDK to the latest 10.x available. I think this is what the projucer should use to avoid all these issues with moving versions of the SDK.


Which is?.. If it’s something we can add to the Projucer that would be great, getting the correct Windows SDK is a real headache.


I have to look it up tomorrow… I don’t use it myself, have to find it again :confused:

<WindowsTargetPlatformVersion Condition="'$(WindowsTargetPlatformVersion)' == ''">$([Microsoft.Build.Utilities.ToolLocationHelper]::GetLatestSDKTargetPlatformVersion('Windows', '10.0'))</WindowsTargetPlatformVersion>


Thanks! I’ll do some tests and add it in if it’s working OK.