Windows - not many VST3s have icons?

Hi Folks,

I’ve been scanning VST3 files for icons, and it turns out that not many actually have icons included in their resources!

Am I missing anything here?!

Best wishes, Pete

I would guess it’s just not that common.

Until a few years ago, a VST3 plugin on Windows could only be a single .vst3 file, so there was no possibility for icons. Nowadays they can be bundles, like on macOS, but some hosts don’t support that format, so most VST3 manufacturers haven’t changed the format of their products.

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Hi @mcmartin,

Interesting, thanks for your thoughts on this!

It surprises me a little, as all iOS AUv3 have icons; and most macOS AUv3 do from what I can tell. That said, many AU V2 don’t have icons.

I wish the plug-in makers would incorporate them, as it can make plug-in browsers more attractive!

Best wishes, Pete

An iOS AUv3 is more than a plugin, it’s also the app that delivers the plugin and apps need to have icons on iOS, so that explains why you see an icon. :wink:

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Well, there is that too :slight_smile: