Workshops for programming the MIDI 2.0 Universal MIDI Packet in C++

Hi all,
starting next week, I will be holding 3 online workshops for programming the new UMP packet of MIDI 2.0:

Workshop 1: November 29
MIDI 2.0 - Introduction to programming the Universal MIDI Packet in C++

Workshop 2: December 6th
Build a MIDI 2.0 program using the Apple UMP API

Workshop 3: December 13th
Build a MIDI 2.0 program using the JUCE UMP API

All workshops have a duration of 2 hours and start at 6pm UK / 1pm US Eastern / 10am US Pacific. The workshops can be booked individually, but the first one is recommended for everyone to get a good understanding of the UMP packet… and the third one is recommended for JUCE developers :slight_smile:
There is a discount when booking multiple workshops.

Click the workshop titles above for more information. I’m also available here if you have any questions!