Workshops for programming the MIDI 2.0 Universal MIDI Packet in C++

Hi all,
starting next week, I will be holding 3 online workshops for programming the new UMP packet of MIDI 2.0:

Workshop 1: November 29
MIDI 2.0 - Introduction to programming the Universal MIDI Packet in C++

Workshop 2: December 6th
Build a MIDI 2.0 program using the Apple UMP API

Workshop 3: December 13th
Build a MIDI 2.0 program using the JUCE UMP API

All workshops have a duration of 2 hours and start at 6pm UK / 1pm US Eastern / 10am US Pacific. The workshops can be booked individually, but the first one is recommended for everyone to get a good understanding of the UMP packet… and the third one is recommended for JUCE developers :slight_smile:
There is a discount when booking multiple workshops.

Click the workshop titles above for more information. I’m also available here if you have any questions!

Hi there,
given that the JUCE UMP API is still private, we’ve re-focused the 3rd workshop:

Build a MIDI 2.0 program: ask an expert

It applies to all developers who want to get started with MIDI 2.0 programming (Android, iOS, JUCE, Linux, macOS…) or who have already started research or actual development.