2021 MIDI Innovation Awards

The MIDI Association, Music Hackspace, and NAMM are teaming up to sponsor the first MIDI Innovation Awards in January 2021. If you’ve made something cool with MIDI, check out the entry information and prize lists here: https://musichackspace.org/mia2021/

or watch the flashy video if you prefer – https://youtu.be/fO2CCTRvTNc


This is gonna be great as the MIDI 2.0 roll-out continues! I got a Roland A-88 mkii to be sure I could get involved as soon as possible, but I now realize I am unsure of how to know when the functionality will become available with the right combination of this hardware and OS. All I know for now is that there is supposed to be MIDI 2.0 functionality in macOS Big Sur, and JUCE devs have been working to add MIDI 2.0 functionality to JUCE itself?

If anyone else has info on how to get started exploring MIDI 2.0 let me know! (Perhaps I should move this to its own thread)