MIDI 2.0 Support

Hi, now MIDI 2.0 has been ratified, can we expect support to be forthcoming in the near future?



Is the spec fully released? Based on some light-reading, it looks like Roli is/was participating in prototyping it.

MIDI 2.0 support on my Roli keyboard would also be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Does this depend on new USB support though?

The MIDI 2.0 Spec was formally adopted by the MMA at its last annual meeting at NAMM a week or so ago. It’s in document review, and should be published in a month or two. After that there are still remaining issues – neither Windows nor OSX/iOS have APIs in place, and there’s no transport mechanism (but we expect that MIDI 2 over USB will be defined and released in a few months)

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(and if anyone will be at SXSW in March, some knucklehead will be doing a presentation on this topic as part of their Future of Music track – https://schedule.sxsw.com/2020/events/PP1128899 )


Hey, any word on when the implementation spec for Midi 2.0 over USB might be finished? I can understand if it has slowed down due to the pandemic, but curious if anyone has details. Also if there are plans to put Midi 2.0 features in an upcoming version of JUCE, or if the team is just waiting for more support from operating systems and the USB transport?

(Of course, like @bgporter said above, operating systems don’t support it yet, so that will be necessary, but I don’t imagine anyone has any word about when that might happen…)


I’m not on the working group dealing with transports, but my understanding is that the proposal for sending MIDI 2 Universal MIDI Packets has been submitted to the USB-IF, and it’s pending their approval. I have no idea what the time scale of their decision process would be back in the old days, let alone now the virus is affecting them.


The MIDI 2.0 USB spec has been published: