MIDI 2.0 Support in JUCE

MIDI 2.0 support has been added to macOS 11 (Big Sur) and iOS 14 and is already available in the beta versions.

The MIDI 2.0 spec was released in January, the USB MIDI 2.0 spec was finished in June and we now have operating system support. All that is left is support in JUCE.

@bgporter already wrote some MIDI 2.0 classes as mentioned at ADC 19.

Will JUCE support MIDI 2.0 by the time macOS 11 and iOS 14 are officially released?

Will JUCE have it’s own MIDI 2.0 classes? Or will you be using the midi_2 module written by Brett Porter?


… and some readily available hardware devices actually using the new protocol.

We’ve got a few other things on our plate at the moment, but we’ll be looking at MIDI 2.0 support in Big Sur shortly.