MIDI 2.0 on Android

MIDI 2.0 has been added to Android 13. Will you be making the MIDI 2.0 API in Juce public now?

MIDI 2.0 - Android 13 adds support for the new MIDI 2.0 standard, including the ability to connect MIDI 2.0 hardware through USB. This updated standard offers features such as increased resolution for controllers, better support for non-Western intonation, and more expressive performance using per-note controllers.


We have MIDI 2.0 API functions ready to go, but we are waiting for more platforms to provide support. It would be really useful to know if there will be dramatic differences between the OS MIDI 2.0 APIs before we make our wrapper around them public.



We’ll have to investigate how well Android’s MIDI 2.0 SDK sits with our own implementation. Apple and Android support is probably enough to tip the balance, but no promises on timelines.

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