Status of Midi 2.0 and Juce

Hi all,

I can’t find any recent information on the forums or google related to the status of Midi 2.0 in Juce or in VST, AAX and AU plugins in general.

It is my understanding that the specification has been released and that products are out that are using the format, though I don’t believe that I have seen or used any yet.

I’ve found posts made by the Juce team introducing Midi 2.0 from over a year ago, but nothing on the site or in the forums (I could be mistaken) discusses their implementation.

I’m asking as I am working on a Midi Filter that will need to support the format in the near future.


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We have MIDI 2.0 API functions ready to go, but we are waiting for more platforms to provide support. It would be really useful to know if there will be dramatic differences between the OS MIDI 2.0 APIs before we make our wrapper around them public.

How about also implementing multi MIDI port support for VST3?

Maybe each MidiMessage could have an ID (or index) that would identify the source/target MIDI port?

  • Jussi