Xcode 11 not launching executable

anyone experienced this?

after building a project, it never launches the executable, just says “finished running EXECUTABLE” : (

Edit: I can repro this with ableton & studio one, although logic appears to be working

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See this -

With newer hardened hosts you need to disable sip or re-sign them with appropriate entitlements.


Hey thanks for the reply. I’m not sure how to disable sip or re-sign the host, do you have any tips on that?

Thank you!


How to re-sign the host is explained here:

Some extra data points are given here as well:


Thank you! Sorted. What a PITA

Pain In The Apple


@Jake_Penn did you upgraded to catalina & xcode 11 on your only dev machine again? :man_facepalming:



Ahahaha, you know I just leave that auto update on and roll with the punches maynnnneeeee :joy::joy::joy:

Same problem. I am using Ableton. It was working but from yesterday I found build success, running live and then Finished running Live. When I turned on Ableton I could see building success but really tired of never launching from Xcode.

Ableton has an auto update mechanism. Unless you explicitly disabled it, it’ll eventually update to hardened version and stop debugging on modern macOS.