Xcode annoyingly Breaking without breakpoints

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This is my second post on this forum.

I'm new with Juce and i'm debbuging a plugin but Xcode is breaking everywhere even if there's not a singe breakpoint.

I did not find anything oneline about that except on stackoverflow but they don't realy solve the problem. ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5308971/debugger-stopping-at-a-non-existent-breakpoint-in-xcode-4 )


I hope you can help me.

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Are you new to C/C++ as well? The image you posted shows you have stopped on an assert. asserts are a tool used development to catch things that are wrong. ie. they 'assert' what things should be, and if the condition is not met, the code breaks, so that you can see the error and fix it. 

oops double post

That assertion is telling you that your sampleRate is 0, and needs to be a valid value - i.e. you need to set it elsewhere in your code.