Xcode pre/post build steps?

hey jules,

any idea when you will have time to do those?
I’m kindof stuck without it :S

  • bram

I did it a couple of weeks ago!

Oh nooooooooo…!!!

Jules, is there really no way on earth we can convince you to use a bug tracking system?
It’s completely impossible to post and follow bugs (and new features) on the forum!!!
I mean: we can’t possibly do a new checkout of Juce each day + recompile Introjucer and see if our feature request has magically appeared or a bug was solved.

Please pretty pretty please? I’m sure we (and some of the other juce users) can help you with maintaining it!

  • bram

Another advantage: today I read (for the umteenth time) on here:

User asks: why isn;t this setting X
Your reply: Oh, I changed it with a good reason but I can’t remember why

If there was a bug tracking system, you could tell the user to search the bug tracking system.

  • bram

Sorry! But all this is already there in the GIT logs, and github or sourceforge can email you when I make new commits. If there was a bug-tracker it would only contain the same information.

Sure, but you would make it so much easier for you (paying!) customers to follow up on bugs… If you would the issue tracker of gitlog you could even add the bug number to the git commit message to close them.

fixes #xxx
fixed #xxx
fix #xxx
closes #xxx
close #xxx
closed #xxx

All closes issues in github.

You could probably add only a few people to those who can post bugs (for example) and then you could close tickets by just using the commit message.

Again: do you expect us to update each day and read the commit messages? That’s a bit weird… With bug issues at least you know when something is added/changed.
Another advantage: people asking you about the same feature over and over again - mark an issue as “wontfix” and you’re done with it.

  • bram

As much as I like the idea of additional process, its pretty clear that Jules is already up to his eyebrows in work. Asking him to do more would, by necessity, take away from other productive aspects of development.


just out of interest: where (in xcode) can we see the post-build scripts?
normally those scripts are in the xcscheme files, but you somehow managed to put them in the pbxproj file(s).
my scripts are running just fine (yay!) but there are not to be found in xcode :smiley:

  • bram

I don’t remember having any trouble embedding them in the project file. Can’t remember the details, but you could look inside the project file if you want to dig deeper.

Oh sure, they are in the project file, but not to be found anywhere in xcode…
I’m just wondering because it seems there is another way of doing post-build steps than adding them in the scheme…

  • bram