Yay! ProJucer! And a couple questions

Hey guys -

First off, great job with ProJucer. I’m finally getting around to rebuilding all my old projects with the ProJucer and loving the workflow improvement. So far it’s been incredibly convenient and easy.

Anyway, just a couple minor requests.

1 - is there a way to inject preprocessor defs when using command line execution of the ProJucer? I love being able to build projects this way, and if I could set some preprocessor defs (change JucePlugin_Name for example) I could compile/create more than one project from a single proJucer file, which would be incredible!!!

2 - I have a few plugins that function as plugin-Hosts as well. With ProJucer though, setting the plugin (VST/AU) flags automatically set the JUCE_PLUGINHOST_ flags to 0 though. Also, since the CoreAudioKit isn’t included (for VST/AAX builds), I have to change that manually as well. Even if I set the flags in projucer’s preprocessor defs section, they are overridden in AppConfig it seem :frowning:

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