You can now use CMake to build your JUCE projects for iOS

It’s all in the title! If you have a JUCE project that targets iOS and you want more flexibility than what Projucer can offer, you can now use CMake (thanks to FRUT).

After several months of work on that topic, I recently merged a long Pull Request to FRUT, which adds support for the “Xcode (iOS)” exporter. All iOS-specific settings are handled, but there might still be some rough edges, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and please report any problem (or wishes) by opening new issues on GitHub:

I would like to thank @MartyLake, who reviews all Pull Requests on FRUT, as well as the other 14 contributors of FRUT! :clap:

@MartyLake and myself will be at ADC’19. We will be happy to talk with you about CMake, FRUT, and obviously JUCE. We might even announce something special related to CMake support for JUCE… Stay tuned!