Creating an iOS app from a standalone plugin with CMake

I’m trying to work out how to create an iOS app from a CMake-based plugin project.

I assume I need to generate the Xcode project using CMake?

There’s some guidance on building for iOS with CMake here:

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It works pretty fine besides this

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Thanks - completely missed that readme!

One issue I"m wondering how to solve: How to make the JUCE modules browsable from the generated Xcode project?

Answered here: JUCE CMake - Add juce modules files to IDE projects

There’s limited support for adding the module sources to the project via the JUCE_ENABLE_MODULE_SOURCE_GROUPS option.


This option controls whether dummy targets are added to the build, where these targets contain all of the source files for each module added with juce_add_module(s). If you’re planning to use an IDE and want to be able to browse all of JUCE’s source files, this may be useful. However, it will increase the size of generated IDE projects and might slow down configuration a bit. If you enable this, you should probably also add set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY USE_FOLDERS YES) to your top level CMakeLists, otherwise the module sources will be added directly to the top level of the project, instead of in a nice ‘Modules’ subfolder.

You can see this in action in the Pluginval project (linked).

Thanks, referring to the other thread showed me I should also and refresh the repository content, as I’m using FetchContent to grab JUCE. For reference:

# Fetch JUCE
        GIT_TAG 6.0.4