"101" questions - Cross-compiling and testing plugins

When you folks release plugins in both Mac and PC versions are you actually building and testing these plugins on two completely separate computer systems (Mac and PC) - or is there a way to compile and test both versions on ONE system, e.g., PC only?

And when you test your plugins in the various DAWs do you maintain (buy) the latest releases of every DAW you “support” to run your tests?

If all of this is in fact how it’s done how in the world do you make any net profit?!

We compile on macOS with Xcode and run Parallels with VM’s of all the different macOS and Windows 10, etc. We compile in the Windows 10 VM using Visual Studio. I’d recommend a fast iMac with 32 gigs of RAM.

If you can’t get NFR’s or trial versions of all the DAWs, then you’d have to have a group of beta testers with the ones you don’t have on all the platforms you support… but it’s best to reach out to the DAW manufacturers if you have a finished professional product to show them.