20 entries for the JUCE award!

We already have 20 entries for the JUCE award competition. Please take a moment to vote here, and/or submit your own program. You have until the end of the month to submit an app.


wow, Superior Drummer 3 was created with JUCE? That’s awesome!!! You should tap some of the Eventide developers to enter, as I know their stuff was made with juce (because H9Control crashed on me a couple times and they didn’t strip symbols)

I’ll see someone from Eventide tonight at the NY JUCE meetup, I’ll ask!

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ah, man. I forgot about that. And we just moved from Brooklyn to Long Beach, california. you guys gonna establish a west coast presence?

A West coast presence is not on the cards right now, but we may host a JUCE meet up in LA or SF next year.


We’ve got more entries now and we’ve fixed the voting system with Facebook. Please cast your vote now!
You can vote for several entries.