Help finding app from JUCE awards

Hi all,

I’m looking for an app that was nominated for the JUCE awards. The awards page has been taken down and google isn’t helping me much.

I’m light on details, but it was basically a fancy looper with record triggers and such. Not much to go on, I know, but maybe it’ll ring a bell with someone.


Might have been Sonnit Looper?

It’s a client project of mine.

That’s not the one, but it does look interesting. I may have a go with it. Thank you.

Use the Way Back Machine…


Don’t know how I forgot about the way back machine! Unfortunately, it’s not there, either. I don’t know if the entry was later than October (the only snapshot they have) or if I’m simply misremembering what I saw.

There are definitely entries missing from the archived page, since the winner, Myo Mapper (, is not there.

Yepp, my CrazyDelay is missing as well (but I paused it anyway because of issues with the activation server I need to address soon… )
Oct, 20th is way before deadline.

Maybe the Juce team could dig it of their archive and put it back online as a “previous awards”…

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