JUCE Award

Hi there,

We have just launched the JUCE Award competition, open to all projects built with JUCE (commercial or open source).

The best application will be decided by popular vote, and the voting will start on 13th October.

This competition is sponsored by SONICWIRE, who are also contributing to the prize with free sample libraries.

Among other benefits, the winner will get a free JUCE 5 license, and exposure in our marketing campaigns.

The winner will be announced at ADC on November 14th.


hi jb. just a heads up - neither fb or twitter sign in is working

Thanks, Oli. It should be working now.

hello again. sorry for all the trolling! it seems that facebook and twitter voting still doesn’t work

Well, just voted half an hour ago. Maybe it only works, if you were already logged in before going to the award page… (used facebook).
Good luck

Yeah, same experience as @daniel here @jb1. I am able to vote, but we’ve had lots of reports from users “URL Blocked: the redirect failed…”

An update on this, the problem seems to occur when using www.juce.com/award instead of juce.com/award

@jb1 to fix this you need to add the www domain to the domain whitelist in the Twitter and Facebook app dashboards

In the Facebook dashboard, in the “redirect URIs” section - you need one URI for each domain that serves your app. It’s the same basic thing on Twitter.

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thanks Jamie, the web team will look into it shortly

When they are on it, some entries put “www.mycompany.com” - which ends up “https://www.juce.com/www.mycompany.com/” and the links are therefore dead (same for the image link).
An example is the Filmstro music library…
Would be nice, if they can fix that as well, either correcting in the database or adding a http to the template…


FB voting should be fixed now. Please let me know if it’s not the case.

thanks Daniel, this has been now fixed.

Thanks @jb1. The learn more works now. There is still no image showing, but I guess, that is on our end.
Might be, that our page has no nice image to extract, but it will be relaunched within the next 2 weeks anyway.

you’re talking about Filmstro, right? would that image do?

Sure, if you can relink that, would be great!
Our marketing guy signed it up :wink:

I would love to vote, but do I really have to give some jordanstephens (probably a web dev at ROLI) access to my github account (or FB or Twitter) for this?

Why don’t you use the ROLI/juce.com accounts for your voting page?

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Thanks Sam, this was fixed shortly after you reported it yesterday

Why does everyone else’s “more information” go to their product page, but ours goes to the demo download? I definitely wouldn’t have provided that link, and it’s kind of rude to spray a 100mb download at someone for clicking a link. (Audio Damage Quanta.)

Hi @crandall1, according to your submission info, you have given us a dropbox link for your download link, not a link to the product page. If you can give me the link you’d like, I can change it from my side. Thanks.

Well, that was stupid of me. Switch it to this, please:

Sorry about that. That’s what I get for entering contests when I’ve not properly caffeinated.

That’s ok! Passing this on now and will be fixed asap.