98se? me?

The project’s FAQ claims support from WinME forward. Does anyone know what aspect of WinME is used that doesn’t exist in 98SE?

Or more succinctly, can a program compiled with JUCE run under 98SE (assuming the author doesn’t include OTHER incompatible code)?

This is a separate issue from actually compiling the program under 98SE, which I’m not really concerned with.

Well, it used to be win98 compatible, but I’m dropping support for it now. The stuff you build might still run on winME, but I’m not going to waste any time checking this, just for the tiny number of crazies who are still stuck in the last millenium!

I have tried compile my aplication on Windows98SE (juce1.46):
in compilation and linking stage all was OK, but application crash on start - there are some functions “omited” in gdi32.dll
when I have changed definition to force not new Windows API, I got undefined function in juce library platform specific code (Font managing classes )

My question: Can I find last juce version, that is compatable with Windows98.

P.S. For educational purpose I wrote application, that playes multitrack session from ogg-files without predecodint to wav-file or memory. Application can play 4 - multitrack session on 500 Celeron using Linux. This computer not allow Windows XP (and I don’t want change OS - have well configured system images). Would be very nice if I could use the same my application with Windows98.

Sorry for my English.

I’m afraid I don’t actually know which version would be the last supported, because I stopped testing it on win98 quite some time ago… I’d guess that if you go back about 2 years, that’d probably be about the right point.