A question about "The Build Tab"

I saw a demo by Julian on Youtube.

After this I tried to use the Build Tab in Projucer.
As a test I used an Animated Application project as produced by projucer without any changes.
Mine shows the GUI but is not showing the “Component”, “Paint”, and “Test” Tabs as shown in the video.
Is this something that has not yet been implemented?
Or am I doing something wrong?



That was a very old version of Projucer. Unfortunately, the current version only supports previewing the component.

Thanks Fabian. So I assume that there is no way to graphically add subcomponents (buttons, … . . etc)

Well you can use the GUI editor. But that does not include live build engine.

May I ask if this will be made available in the future?
The demos showed by Jules and his reference to Bret Victor’s Demo are pretty impressive.

Yes I think to some extent it will be available. However, this is not currently a priority so it may take some time.