Jucer docs?

Any jucer docs out there? I can’t figure out things like, adding text boxes to tabs, giving features to tabs for that matter.

No, sorry. I’ll be doing some docs for the new version when it’s finished, but the old one hasn’t got any docs.

You can put any kind of component in a tab box - there are some settings in its properties that let you select the content for each tab.

ok, that’s alright. i’ll look harder for those settings thanks :slight_smile:

This might sound a little silly, but you know me anyway.
So I went to the properties panel of the tab widget and i saw the “Content Type” option and selected Jucer component(which isn’t really making sense right now, but…). so i just went to “juce\src\gui\components\controls\juce_TextEditor.h” (this also looks wrong), and I tried “Test Component” but nothing comes up. Do i make a component in Jucer and then start a new jucer project and load it in that project?

Yeah, if you select “jucer component” then the file you choose obviously has to actually be a jucer-created cpp file.

obiously, thanks :oops:


With Jucer we can generate a blank window GUI application. But can i use jucer to graphically generate component on window like {adding buttons, labels etc… }

Gaurav Agarwal

i know an older version of jucer lets you do all of that, not sure about the latest. Sorry if that’s not specific enough for you, but just try a previous release :slight_smile:

Where to get older version of jucer??

Also the links for jucer documentation is not live now…
Can you please give me new live linbks for documentation ??

It’s right there in the source tree - same place it always was!