Add new files without the comments from Projucer

Just curious if it’s possible to add new files from Projucer without the auto generated comments?

They were useful to begin with, but now are a bit noisy and I delete them each time.

The tutorials mention that we shouldn’t add files using our IDE because Projucer will overwrite so is there another way?


I would also like that! :slight_smile:

It would be great to be able to not only remove them, but customise them if needs be such as to add licensing to the source files


You can customise the auto-generated files by editing the templates and re-building the Projucer:

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Having said that, I do think it would be nice to be able to specify a custom directory to look for templates.

You can add them from your IDE, but then you have to go back into Projucer and call “Add existing files” and re-save the project.
Or like I usually do it, call touch Source/MyFile.h and select the file in Projucer using “Add existing file” and save the project.

Having our own templates would be lovely, you can get very fancy there including reading the base class and offer virtual methods pre-populated… but for time being there are alternatives.

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Nice tip :wink:

I was wondering about auto-implementation of virtual methods too!

Yes, with a decent amount of configurability. I do custom development for clients and being able to have e.g. a correctly formatted copyright header for the client whose project I happen to be working on at that moment would reduce daily frustrations.

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