Aeffectx.h file not found

Hi guys,

Sorry to bother you with something I’m sure is quite simple that I’ve overlooked. I have Juce installed in ~/JUCE as well as Steinberg’s VST3 SDK in ~/SDKs/ and when I try to build pluginhost I get ‘pluginterfaces/vst2.x/aefectx.h’ file not found.

In tools Globalpreferences I have both VST SDK and VST3 SDK set to ~/SDKs/VST3 SDK and both are black.

I’m running OSX 10.11.6 and the latest xcode from the appstore.

I’m pretty sure everything is right but I just can’t get it to compile.

Thanks for your time

The global preferences will only be used if the .jucer file does not override the SDK location. Check the VST3 SDK path property in the config page of your exporter:

If it is grey (like in the above screenshot) then the value in the global preferences are used.

BTW: If you are on the develop branch, then you only need the VST3 SDK if you are creating a VST3. JUCE does not require an SDK for VST2 anymore.

Thanks for your useful reply, unfortunately both are pointing to the correct spot. :frowning:

Go to the Report Navigator in Xcode:

And select the latest build (yours will show as failed).

Scroll down to find where it says “Compile juce_audio_plugin_client_VST2.cpp” and click the little document icon to the right to expand:

You should see what path Xcode is trying to use. I’ve highlighted mine:

Does that give any clues?

Thanks for your reply, just for giggles while I was in xcode looking at the Report Navigator I did a build and it compiled and ran. In Projucer I keep getting that error though.

Have you tried compiling the latest version of the Projucer?