Xcode compile failed to the JUCE Demo plugin

Hello everyone,
I am new in here.
I am trying to compile the example plugin but the compile failed.
The failed message is <base/source/baseiids.cpp> file not found.
I already put the VST3_SDK file and vstsdk2.4 file in my SDKs file and set the path and also move the CoreAudio folder to: /Library/Developer/CoreAudio.
But the compile is still failed.
I follow the step in this website:http://www.insaneinthemainframe.at/2014/09/22/compile-the-juce-audio-plugin-demo-on-mac-osx-xcode-6-0-1/
My Xcode version : Xcode 7.3.1
My OS :Sierra 10.12.1
Hope someone can help me.
Thank you

What file isn’t found? Maybe a screenshot of where you are seeing this message might help?

Here is the fail message ,thank you for your help

Well that’s definitely supposed to be part of the VST3 SDK

I’d double check the path in the projucer…

Sorry so how can I fix this problem?
Thank you for your help.

The paths you specify in the Projucer should become header paths in Xcode:


  • The VST3 SDK is properly installed and complete
  • The path in Projucer is correct
  • The header search path in Xcode (which should be set by Projucer) points to the VST3 SDK path. If it doesn’t go back and check Projucer again and make sure you save the project etc.

Here’s where the paths are in Xcode (I’m only using the 2.4 SDK for this project mind you…)

Also mind this thread:

So check also the version of your VST-SDK to match the version of JUCE :frowning:

Good luck

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Sorry I still do not know what happen.
These are my path and file ,are there anythings are wrong?
Thank you for your help.