Juce Plugin Demo

Hi Folks, 

I am new to Juce and am trying to get to grips with the basic functions by using the examples. However, everytime I try and run the Juce Plugin Demo, I get the following error in Xcode:


#include <public.sdk/source/vst2.x/audioeffectx.h> file not found


However, I can see the file is in the correct location. I have attempted changing the VST path to the vst2.x folder, but this results in an error. The only path that seems to work is /Users/myusername/SDK's/VST3 SDK.

It's also worth noting that the "file not found" error does not occur in Juce, only in Xcode. 

Thanks in advance, 






The only path that seems to work is /Users/myusername/SDK's/VST3 SDK.

So it's working, right? We recommend nowadays to use the VST3 SDK for VST2, too. VST2 is included in there, so you don't need the old standalone VST2 SDK.