Xcode Compiler Issue With DemoPlugin

I’m working in Xcode 8 on macOS 10.12.1 trying to build the JuceDemoPlugin file. Every time I try and build the plugin, I get a compiler error within the juce_VST3Headers.h file. The error reads:

'base/source/baseiids.cpp' file not found

I have followed the JUCE installation instructions, downloaded the VST3 SDK, and set path directories. I have searched other forum posts and followed the instructions set out there, but none have been able to resolve this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dear molsey

‘baseiids.cpp’ is included in VST3 SDK, so I thought that the setting of sdk path is not correct I guess. My project also include VST3 option, and it registered in Projucer project file. I never seen same issue on that. Please check your path of SDK with belows:

After setting up Projucer, you should generate Build project through “save project”. And it should be reflected updated configuration.


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