Android inter-app audio with the open-source Audioroute SDK

We’re pleased to announce that we have open-sourced Audioroute, the SDK that allows apps to exchange audio and MIDI on Android. In short it allows to use synth and effects apps as plugins in a way similar to Inter-app audio on iOS.

The Audioroute SDK Github page ( now includes the full source code for the SDK library and for the sample AudiorouteHost app, which allows hosting Audioroute compatible synth and effects apps, including the SimpleSynth and DelayEffect sample apps.

If you’re a developer of an audio or music app, jump in and add Audioroute to your app, users will be able to find and use your app from Audioroute compatible hosts.

We’ve posted a Tutorial video on how to add Audioroute to your app, the video is real-time and it’s 30 minutes long: that’s how long it will take to add Audioroute to your app:

We believe that Audioroute could help to greatly improve the possibilities of users of audio and music apps on Android by allowing them to use multiple apps together. This would probably result in an overall improvement of the audio-music market on Android.

Let’s get our apps connected!

Any comments are welcome.

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There was already a discussion on the matter,

If nTrack’s interest is to get it more commonly used it might be worth pull-request JUCE to integrate it. that way many developers could pretty much get it supported out-of-the-box.

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