Audioroute SDK

Finally someone made an SDK to get some standardization over the Android world :wink:

Will it be adopted by developers? time will tell…


As someone with an android juce app in beta (oboe=wow!) this is a very exciting prospect for the future.

What would it take for this to be compatible with a juce app? Is there any chance of the juce team taking this on? I don’t think I have the java chops (or programming experience in general) to take something like this on myself at this point.

This sort of thing could give android the equivalent of auv3 on iOS. I think this sort of thing is crucial for android to be a real contender in future.


Looks like a perfect fit for JUCE integration, if there is demand for it. I think there is still a way to go in terms of people even considering Android as a platform for “pro”/low-latency audio.